1 Day After Devastating Barron News, Melania Makes Surprising Final White House Announcement — It’s Done!

1 Day After Devastating Barron News, Melania Makes Surprising Final White House Announcement -- It’s Done!

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump announced what her 10-year-old son Barron Trump could likely be doing for the next four years after an onslaught of hate against him and concern for his safety. She shocked the country in announcing that her place as First Lady might have to happen outside of the White House, prioritizing her role as a mother first, over all else. Now, just 24-hours later, she’s come forward with another shocking announcement that will seal her fate for the next four to possibly eight years.

As previously reported, a family insider told US Weekly that “They will reevaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this arrangement or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington.” She ended up making an executive decision today.

While there was speculation over whether or not Melania would actually be moving into the White House at all during Trump’s first four years, we learned today that she will be moving in this summer.

According to Western Journalism:

Countering a new round of speculation that she might remain in New York City beyond this spring, first lady Melania Trump has selected her chief of staff and is firmly planning on moving into the White House this summer.

Lindsay Reynolds, who worked in the White House under former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, has been tapped to serve as Melania trump’s chief of staff, in essence giving her operational leadership of the East Wing of the White House.

Melania said in a statement that “I am putting together a professional and highly-experienced team which will take time to do properly.” She continues, “I am excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward thinking group of individuals who will work together to make our country better for everyone.”

Among her first moves after moving into the White House will be to reopen the White House Visitor Office to provide tours.

Just one day ago the New York Post was reporting that Melania may not move to the White House after all. This clears up the speculation once and for all.

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