Melania Just SHOCKED Everyone With What They Noticed The Second She Stepped Out Of Hotel

Melania Steps Out For Party And Immediately SHOCKS Everyone With One Thing New They Noticed

President Trump got away from the White House for a couple of days to work from Florida so he could get some much-needed time with his wife and the resort he owns. Melania has been living in New York City while their 10-year-old son finishes school there and largely out the public eye until she stepped out for a party on Sunday and everyone was shocked at one something new they noticed about her.

This brief working weekend away was met with a lot of criticism at the start, from incensed leftists who thought it was premature for Trump to be jet-setting off after having just become president only a couple of weeks ago. Although these same people had nothing to say about Barack Obama’s endless rounds of golf and family vacations, the same was certainly not the case with the First Couple’s first well-earned break.

Until Super Bowl Sunday, the country hadn’t seen Trump since the second he landed down in Florida where he reunited with Melania on the tarmac. It was a sweet sight considering so much time apart and proof that these two have a genuine love for each other that wasn’t seen in the former First Couple. When the pair reemerged on Sunday for a Super Bowl party at the resort, everyone immediately noticed something new about Melania, the Smokeroom reported.

While Trump was dressed in his typical attire, sporting a dark suit, white dress shirt, and red tie, the First Lady was remarkably casual, yet still stunning, in white pants and a soft blue sweater. Her best accessory was her smile and the glow she was seen with at her husband’s side who she clearly had been missing the last two weeks. People seemed surprised to see her so casual as it was a big departure from her typical formal attire. While conservatives regarded her appearance as making her more relatable, liberals remarked how “underdressed” she was. It’s a strange reaction coming from those who were likely in Michelle Obama’s fan club.

One of the incredible qualities about Melania is that there’s a bit of an element of mystery that surrounds her, which many women with class have. She doesn’t try to prove or appease anything to anyone who hates her. She’s simply herself, which is alway classy even if she simply had sweats on, and respects her role more than her predecessor did. She’s proof that elegance is in the woman and how she carries herself, which Melania has in spades compared to Michelle Obama who seemed to always try too hard to be “cool” and instead came across as crass.

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