Melania Trump Just Made HUGE Announcement About Where She’ll Live, This Is UNBELIEVABLE!

The mainstream liberal media has been making a federal case over the fact that First Lady Melania Trump and her son with the President, Barron have not moved into the White House in D.C. yet. However, the family made it clear they did not want to disrupt their son’s school schedule. Thus, they would move once the school year is over and put him in a new school come fall time.

However, some liberal outlets have falsely reported that the Trumps are never moving to Washington D.C. full time. Instead, Melania and Barron Trump will remain in New York City at Trump Tower. This is highly inaccurate and nothing more than fake news.

They have been shuttling down via airplane to visit the President on some of the weekends. The President has admitted to working longer hours in the West Wing because his family is not there to keep him company. But any insinuations the family isn’t moving are nothing more than slander.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump has been putting together her staff and been working on different engagements that she wants to work on once she makes Pennsylvania Avenue her home. The rumors are that she and Barron will move to Washington D.C. in June where they officially and permanently move in.

It is to the liberals benefit to make it seem as though they are never leaving because then they can complain about the taxpayer dollars being spent on the extra protection in New York. However, it does not matter because this is simply not the case. The President promised his family would come eventually once his son’s schooling was finished and that is exactly what is going to happen.

He has kept good on his word about almost everything else and he certainly will again when it comes to this.

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