OUTRAGE Over What Melania Trump Was Seen Doing On The Tarmac After Exiting Air Force One

OUTRAGE Over What Melania Trump Was Seen Doing On The Tarmac After Exiting Air Force One

In the eyes of the mainstream liberal media, First Lady Melania Trump can do nothing right. By the sheer fact that she’s married to Donald Trump and both are polar opposites from their predecessors, liberals absolutely loathe the pair and will pick the pair apart over any innocuous thing, and what they just caught on the tarmac has sent them into a fit of rage, screaming they would have never seen such a sick thing out of the Obamas.

Liberals have tried to depict the Obama’s marriage as strong and everlasting while painting the Trumps as induced and contrived. They even try to go as far as insinuating that the President mistreats his wife.

Videos circulated on Twitter and Facebook of Melania Trump exiting cars while her husband forges ahead and doesn’t wait for her. As well as pictures of the Obamas ushering her in while her husband is in the front. Another picture showed the Obamas holding hands next to the Trumps who were perceived as cold and distant while not touching.

The video below is another example of what liberals hate,

The President spent a significant amount of time in Florida over the last week. He had a large rally their as well. As he was seen exiting the plane his wife was behind him and he proceeded to enter the car leaving his wife behind and having to walk around to the other side alone.

Liberals call it a marriage in crisis. Every marriage and relationship is different. Some people are affectionate and others are not. That does not necessarily mean they have a bad marriage. But it also is not a ringing endorsement. Nobody can deny that regardless of how he was as a President, President Obama clearly loved his wife.

What do you think? Do the Presidents actions indicate a loveless marriage? Or is it just the mainstream liberal media blowing something way out of proportion that is nothing?

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