Melania Breaks Her Silence To Shut Down Haters Who Spread SICK LIE About Her & Trump’s Bedroom Time

In an another obvious attempt to make our new President Donald Trump and his family look bad. Left wing rag publications such as US Weekly have taken to their pages to once again attack first lady Melania Trump and her marriage to the President.

As we now see gossip rags and the yellow press are not attacking her son Barron or the way she has raised him. It didn’t go so well for them last time they tried that. Now the scumbag leftists are coming for the Trump’s marriage.

US Weekly Reported:

Melania Trump Is ‘Miserable’ as First Lady, ‘Unhappy With How Her Life Ended Up’

While her husband, Donald Trump, wields his power as president, first lady Melania Trump is struggling with the realities of her new role and the scrutiny that comes with it, insiders reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly. “This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s,” Trump family friend and stylist Phillip Bloch tells Us. “Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.” Find out more in the video above, and detailed below.In response, Karen LeFrak, a dear close friend of Melania Trump. Has gone on record with the Washington Post to shut down the rumors. LeFrank said “Mrs. Trump is enjoying her life and

Indeed, her unconventional living arrangement — she’s staying in New York City while son Barron, 10, finishes school — has already made her a late-night punch line. (Jimmy Kimmel quipped February 8 that she’s “trapped like Rapunzel” in her Trump Tower penthouse.) Vogue faced boycott threats after editor Anna Wintour said on February 9 that she expected Melania, 46, to appear on a future cover. And Melania’s libel lawsuit against U.K. paper Daily Mail, which she claims harmed her “unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … to launch a broad-based commercial brand,” has opened her up to criticism that she intends to cash in on the presidency.

The deluge has reportedly become too daunting for the deeply private Sevnica, Slovenia, native, who moved to the United States in 1996 to launch a fashion career — not to preside over the East Wing. “Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up,” alleges a family source. “She is miserable.”

Since inauguration day, Melania has spent most of her time holed up in her lavish apartment. Never a fixture on the NYC social scene, “she is staying hidden more,” claims Bloch. (By contrast, Michelle Obama hosted an open house for select members of the public, plus a party for White House staffers during her first week on the job in 2009.)

According to a family source, not even Barron can get her out the gold-plated front door. Pre-inauguration, Melania would shuttle her son in a chauffeured SUV to and from his private school. But that was before picketers took up residence outside her building. Now, claims the source, “Melania has the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him.”

Melania has left her $100 million apartment a handful of times. But aside from one outing to run errands January 30, she has usually headed to her other (luxurious) home. The first lady joined Donald, 70, at Mar-a-Lago, their $300 million estate in Palm Beach, Florida, the weekend of February 3. She went the following weekend too — with a quick pit stop in Washington, D.C., to catch a ride on Air Force One with Donald and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie. “Melania says she’s most happy at Mar-a-Lago,” says a source close to the first lady. “She loves Palm Beach!”

A Melania source counters that “she is very happy with her life and supporting her husband and family.”

In response to this trash, Karen LeFrak, a dear close friend of Melania Trump. Has gone on record with the Washington Post to shut down the rumors. LeFrank said “Mrs. Trump is enjoying her life and new role and she and Donald are very happy! Their relationship is great. All these rabid rumors about her and their relationship are laughable and fictional.”

Why should a friend of the First Lady have to come out and defend her?

The left has told us multiple times that the Presiden’s family is off limits. What they don’t ever mention is this rule only applies when it comes to Democrat Presidents. It didn’t matter that John F. Kennedy, who is a God to most Democrats, was screwing most of Hollywood and the White House Staff. Bill Clinton was screwing half of DC in the oval office but it didn’t matter because his private life was none of our business. And most importantly when we all started to notice how “feminine” former President Barack Hussein Obama was and how even the now late Joan Rivers noticed there was something off about Michelle Obama, we on the right kept quiet.

Liberal media better watch their steps after Melania Trump sued the Daily Mail this past September, and won. After they published an article accusing the First Lady of working for a modeling agency where the models also worked as escorts.

The Trumps are not the Bushes, they don’t take it in the chin lying down, they fight back!

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