Melania Walks In Room During WH Event And Is Horrified To See Who’s Smirking At Her In Crowd

The President and First Lady hosted a beautiful, bipartisan event at the White House earlier this week. For all the bad press that the couple has received over their time in the public’s eye, one thing is certain; you couldn’t find a man that’s more comfortable being the most important, or a woman that’s more confident being the most beautiful person in the room than this couple.

The goal of this event was to bring the two parties together and help ease the tension between lawmakers. To this end, not only the politicians themselves, but their spouses were invited to the event. Melania made an impressive figure in her $2,390 Whistler stretch-crepe dress designed by Roland Mouret.

Unfortunately, not all of the participants in the event were excited about reaching across the isle and making friends with their political enemies. This was the case with House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The angry and slighted Democratic Party leader was none too happy to see the first couple at their event, and his face told that story.

Schumer has been attempting to undermine Trump from the beginning. Most recently, he’s been calling for punishment for Rep. Nunes over his going straight to the president about the wiretap information he received. It’s mind boggling how someone could think that they have a good excuse to actually keep information from the President.

President Trump announced that he wants to work with the Democrats to find a solution to their differences on the health care deal, even in light of the deal’s recent failure. He also showed how pleased he was that both Republicans and Democrats had decided to attend the event.

Thankfully President Trump is more worried about taking steps forward for the country than he is about the snarky faces that Democrats think they can make at him while he speaks. It would be nice if the politicians that he serves with gave him the respect that he both earned and deserves, but I don’t expect that their rudeness will keep him from doing his job to the best of his ability.

(Source: 100 Percent Fed Up)

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