Mexican-American Man Is Voting For Trump- Has THIS To Say To The Haters…

Trump has recieved innumerable criticism for his comments on women, Muslims and Hispanics. In politics people automatically assume if you’re Hispanic you’re in favor of politicians that propose lenient amnesty. If your African American then you’ll automatically vote for a black man or a a candidate that wants to expand entitlement programs. The one thing Democrats hate most is when minorities don’t vote according to the way they mandate. Which is why they’ll probably be angry when they see this Latino who is supporting Donald Trump.

Keith Avila has determined race will not be a factor in who he chooses to vote for on Election Day. The California natives vote is going to Donald Trump. He commented on the matter,

“My whole family is from Mexico, my wife’s from Mexico, all her family’s from Mexico. I’m deeply rooted within the Mexican cultural and it’s never been a problem for me to say that I’m Mexican-American, I’ve never had a problem with it until I decided to vote for Donald Trump.”

He went on,

“People are telling me that I’m fake, that I’m not actually Latino, that I’m just all kinds of stuff about race … there’s just this sort of idea, this fixed idea, where if you’re Mexican-American you’re not supposed to vote for Donald Trump. Well let me tell you one thing, that is wrong. Not all people think the same, some people think differently.”

When he continued to receive flack for his Election Day choice he decided to come up with an answer as to why he supports Trump as a Mexican-American. Some may be offended by his answer. But it’s pretty patriotic. He said,

“I thought of an idea … people are not going to like me for this … I’m not going to blanket a whole group of people … but I do live in California so I know there are a lot of Democrats in this state … I know what I’m about to say right now is going to offend a lot of Bernie supporters.”

Avila concluded with a resounding statement,

“I’m Mexican-American, I’m Latino, and this is what I’m doing. My allegiance is to the United States of America, and I understand I’m Mexican-American, but I’m American first. My family’s from Mexico… we love Mexico, we love the Mexican culture, and pledging the allegiance to the United States of America, that doesn’t mean that you do not like your heritage.”

Who can argue with that?! America is a nation built on legal immigration. Their is nothing more patriotic then presidential support by a hard working American willing to do his fair share.

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