Mexican Guy Pulls Gun On Cops, Watch How This Officer Disarms Him And Then Shoots Him With His Own Gun!

In what we see way too much of these days, a police officer could have almost lost his life because the rest of the world is intent on sending us their problems.

Apparently a so-called “Dreamer which Divinity in his eyes” as San Fransicko Congresswoman Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi calls them has struck once again. This time a police officer could have lost his life because of it. Although we are sure Pelosi wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it, just as long as she gets those contracts and paybacks she needs to keep paying for those plastic surgeries and botox injections, it’s all good.

Nicolas Sanchez, 39, a Mexican national illegally in this country was intent on robbing a convenience store with the firearm he revealed on accident to officers as he kept saying and shrugging “I don’t have nothing.” Apparently, a loaded firearm is nothing to the lawless who already broke the law to come here.

The police officers then proceeded to tell him to not reach for the gun, so he ran. Probably knew he would be going back to the cesspool he came from in Mexico where he would be considered lucky to have running water and a toilet in his home. Only to be back in the states by week’s end.

A scuffle then proceeded to happen where he reached for his gun, but instead, the police officer grabbed the gun and shot him with it out of fear Sanchez might have more than one weapon on him. 100% justified move and what they are trained to do. If you threaten a Peace Officer’s life they will proceed to neutralize the threat to themselves and other law abiding citizens.

Watch the video.

In a testament to his own stupidity, Sanches died on the scene, one less problem for us Americans to worry about.

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