Mexican-Muslim Mother Kidnaps WRONG Texas Woman To Put Her To SICK Use, Gets EXACTLY What She Deserved Insead

Mexican-Muslim Mother Kidnaps WRONG Texas Woman To Put Her To SICK Use, Gets EXACTLY What She Deserved Insead

WOW…this is just wrong in so many ways. A woman who has been described in court document as a “Mexican-Muslim” has just admitted to actually abducting another female all because her ‘lifestyle’ brought shame to the Muslim community.

Her name is Norma Juarez Taha, and she is 35 years old. She was arrested in her home by the FBI. She had the audacity to tell officials that members of the Muslim community came to her to speak to her on the women’s rights and that the woman she abducted “brought embarrassment to her family’

She then continued that she was not paid to abduct the female but complete felt she was doing her a favor, and also thought that the woman should be sent to Libya. Taha who is actually a mother herself of two, broke into the woman’s home last Monday in the middle of the night and was armed with a pistol. She then smuggled her victim across the border with the help of another female.

She made an effort to close the woman’s mouth with duct tape and fabricated a story that the woman’s family was in serious danger over being deported and that her brother would no longer be able to get the medical treatment he needed…


Taha led the barefoot woman to a red Toyota minivan and instructed her to hide underneath the glove compartment of the front-seat passenger’s side.
‘AFA’ said she feared for her life during the drive, where Taha later blindfolded her led her to the trailer home of another Hispanic woman.

‘AFA’ was able to see through the blindfold that Taha had a pistol, which she told her was ‘for protection’.
The two then injected ‘AFA’ in her leg with a substance that made her ‘nauseous and sleepy’ and loaded her into a four-door truck, where she vomited.
Taha later admitted that the injection was a mixture of muscle relaxants and water, because the woman had been ‘too nervous’.

She was then dropped off with Taha’s accomplice at a home in Juarez, Mexico, where it seemed the inhabitants were unhappy with her presence – though they appeared to know ‘AFA’ and the woman transporting her.

ne person in the home allowed ‘AFA’ to call her boyfriend. The next day, they took her to the Stanton Port of Entry, where a U.S. Border and Customs agent recognized her and brought her back to El Paso for treatment.

Taha was then arrested in her own home just last Tuesday and has been charged already with one count of kidnapping. She is not confined without bond in her little prison room…and is being denied bail due to her known connections to Mexico.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday at 9pm…so here’s hoping she meets a pissed off karma.

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