Mexican Parents Train 3-year-old Girl To Say “We Have To Kill Donald Trump” (VIDEO)

Today in liberal brainwashing…

I’m against members of either party using children as political props, but it’s obvious which side tends to exploit them more. I’m not sure why anyone bothers doing it – it’s obvious that we’re not hearing the child’s independent opinion, and even if we were, since when are we supposed to be getting our political information from children?

Here’s the latest act of liberal brainwashing via InfoWars, and it’s more disturbing than usual.

Shocking video footage shows Mexican immigrant parents encouraging their 3-year-old daughter to repeatedly say, “We have to kill Donald Trump.”

“We’re going to kill Donald Trump,” states the toddler, to which the mother responds, “Why are we going to kill Donald Trump?”

“Cause he’s bad,” responds the child.

“That’s right,” replies the mother.

“We have to kill him,” continues the toddler.

“Why is he bad?” asks the father.

“Cause he wants to take away our family,” responds the child.

The mother then encourages the child to make a third death threat against Trump, asking, “So what are we going to do then?”

“We’re going to kill him,” the child re-asserts.

…. and here’s some brainwashed teenagers making just as disturbing comments:

The future of America, ladies and gentlemen.

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