Mexican Sex Offender Looking To Assault Child Broke Into Wrong Home; Gets SHOT in The FACE!

THIS is a story that confirms why YOU need to have your entire family firearms trained. A woman was alerted that she might have an intruder when the family dog started barking relentlessly. Smart mom made sure they were armed before checking it out.

They suspected someone hiding under their stairs. I have seen enough horror movies to know that if you suspect something under the stairs, you just walk out real quietly and bring someone else bigger than you to take care of it. I guess this mom felt like a gun was sufficient to do the job. So when they approached the stairs to look under, they discovered 56-yr-old Leonard Trevino hiding there.


Trevino then burst out from under the stairs with a weapon and demanded that they let him into their home. He started beating the son with a lead pipe object but not for long as the boy ultimately shot the suspect. He shot him right in the face.

Trevino is a known sex offender but it is still not know what he was doing under their stairs. Trevino will be arrested after he recovers in the hospital. He will be facing aggravated assault and child indecency charge. The child indecency charges are related to this family but no news of how.


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