BREAKING: Mexico Just Told Trump To Beat It And Refuses To Accept Deported Illegals Unless He Does 1 SICK Thing

Liberals throw the word racism around a lot in order to marginalize anyone with a differing opinion. Instead of these bridge trolls focusing on the issues they rather sling insults than a meaningful discussion. There is no better example of this then the liberal argument of illegals flooding our country. President Trump has vowed to deport illegals with criminal records, and why not? Correct me if I am wrong, but these are less than desirable people anyone wants wandering free and unchecked in this country.

Long story short, Trump is rounding up these criminals and shipping them back to Mexico. Oh, but guess what? Mexico does not want them and is now singing a sob story that will make your head hurt.

This entire scenario reminds me of when you divorce a complete jerk and then they go off into a new relationship. You know what that person is about to encounter, but you think to yourself, better them than me. Well, that is exactly what is happening now with the Mexican government and their criminal citizens being returned.

You see, Mexico is about to be flooded with criminals being returned home, and you guessed it, they do not want them.

Tamaulipas President of the Chamber of Commerce, Julio Cesar Almanza Arma said, that if they are forced to take back their own citizens “the economy of the Rio Grande Valley will take a hit,”  So, what I am gathering here is that they cannot afford these people so they can’t come back? Yeah, that is not going to happen.


Conservative Daily Post said it best:

Were we not told that focusing on the economics of housing criminals that are not even from our own country with tax dollars that we do not have and can’t afford was racist and mean-spirited? So here we are again; if the Rio Grande Valley’s economy dies in Mexico, then bring back the violins, but if the Mexicans have their economy devastated by these same people then they shut up and pay.

This is exactly what we all knew would happen when it became time to send these people back. They will cry and throw a temper tantrum because these criminals have been off their hands for years and they don’t want them back. Well, suck it buttercups, they are coming home and that’s the end of the story.

What do you think of Mexico’s response to their citizens being returned? Let us know below!

H/T [ Conservative Daily Post ]

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