Mexico PANICS After Trump Just Showed Them He Means Business!

Donald Trump promised that should he be elected he would fight to keep American jobs in America and not have them shipped overseas. Now that he has been elected President company after company has been announcing plans to move their factories and their manufacturing from places like China and Mexico to the United States. Now it looks like there is good news ahead.

A manufacturing plant valued at $1.6 billion that was initially planned to be built in San Luis, Potosi, Mecido for the Ford Motor Company and now the plans are being cancelled. It is rumored that Trump’s incoming administration has placed heaving pressure on the company to keep jobs in the United States. Instead of Mexico, Ford Motor Company will instead be building the factory in Michigan.

Since the announcement of the cancellation of the Mexico plant Mexican reporters and media outlets have been running harsh anti Trump coverage over the decision. Now that they realize they will no longer have those jobs available.

Here is a list of the Mexican outlets who have been reported negative news about the United States and Donald Trump since Ford Motor Company’s announcement,

El Universal: “Trump leaves Mexico without 3,600 jobs.”

Reforma: “Ford’s braking jolts the peso.”

La Jornada: “Ford’s decision is indicative of what awaits the economies of both countries. For ours a severe decrease in investment from our neighboring country, and for the U.S. a notable increase in their production costs.”

Mexican analyst Alejandro Hope: “This is a much-needed wake-up call… It shows how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently. They claimed that at the end of the day economic interests would prevail over political messaging. That’s clearly not the case.”

El Universal op-ed: “Mexico loses thousands of jobs with no word on a clear strategy for confronting the next U.S. government which has presented itself as protectionist and, especially, anti-Mexican. Trump will try to recover as many U.S. companies that have set up in Mexico as possible. He will try to make them return at whatever cost, through threats or using public resources.”

Donald Trump has taken office and he is already making waves and doing more than President Obama while he is still in office. Just goes to show you cannot keep a good man down. Even the best do the best when they don’t have the title yet.

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