Michael Brown Protesters Play in Traffic— Until a Car DESTROYS Them going FAST! Then Gunshots…(VIDEO)

A video was recently taken and placed on line by a protestor for Michael Brown. The video shows a protestor getting struck by a high speed car in movement. The protestor went flying, gunshots could be heard in the background as protestors began shooting the vehicle.

Watch the video here!


The two year anniversary of Michael Browns death was on Tuesday. Brown was killed while trying to murder a police officer. Black Lives Matter activists continue to ignore facts in favor of their bleeding heart. Instead using Michael Brown as an example of police brutality. The video shows these protestors protesting.

Many of them were wearing dark clothing making them difficult to see at night. Which is likely why the man was hit. After the impact of the car gunshots were heard when protestors began to shoot at the vehicle. The vehicle itself was riddled with bullets. Eventually the police were contacted. Nobody inside the vehicle itself was injured thank god.

Investigators determined the accident was unintentional and no charges were made. The driver claimed they were unaware anyone was on the roadways until the collision occurred.

If you’re going to be protesting late at night it would appear to be the commen sense thing to do, to wear clothes that easily distinguish you when the sun is not up. But apparently these people forgot that commen sense lesson and one of them suffered the severe consequences of that when they got hit by a car.

This is a perfect example of why protestors need to listen to law enforcement officers and stay out of roadways. If you don’t want to get hit by a car then don’t stand in the middle of the road in the dead of night. Unfortunately, somebody lost a life out of sheer stupidity and they died in vain.

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