Michael Brown’s mother said it was “impossible” that her husband’s calls to “burn this b*tch down” while on top of a car outside the Ferguson police station incited the mass rioting, violence, and looting after a grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown on Monday evening.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Sunny Hostin asked Leslie McSpadden, Brown’s mother, about her husband Louis Head’s remarks. Hostin said that “some are saying that he single-handedly started the rioting and the fires… what do you say to that?”

Brown’s mother said it was “impossible” that was the case because “these things have been going on since August 9th since when it first happened” even though the mass rioting started soon after McSpadden incited a crowd that was already on edge. She said Brown’s stepfather’s “emotions were taking over him” and he “spoke out of anger.”

“It’s one thing to speak and it’s a different thing to act,” she said. “He did not act.”

You be the judge:

But many did act and were incited by McSpadden’s call to “burn this bitch down,” and that is exactly what rioters did as they burned down stores in addition to firing at police officers. Reporters had to flee the scene and firefighters could not put out fires on Monday evening because there was gunfire throughout the night. Brown’s biological father, Michael Brown Sr., spent the days before the announcement of the grand jury’s decision to urge demonstrators to be peaceful. Brown Sr. released a video message to the community ahead of the grand jury’s decision to state that “hurting others or destroying property is not the answer,” and he did not want to see his son’s death be in vain. But Brown’s stepfather apparently did not get the message.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R) said that Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, “should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot.”

Courtesy of Breitbart

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