Michael Brown’s Parents Just Hit The Ghetto Lottery – Look How Much They Are Getting Paid For Your Tax Dollars!

Now we’ve seen it all folks! In today’s America if you raise a two-bit thug who gets his stupid self killed for intimidating people and attacking authority the government will reward you.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ferguson Missouri’s city attorney said Friday that the settlement amount to the family of Michael Brown was $1.5 million dollars. Michael Brown Sr. and Lezley McSpadden sued the city, former Police Chief Tom Jackson and former police officer, Darren Wilson, back in 2015. They actually had the audacity to argue that the death of the thug that they raised deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages. Where was he going to work? He was a good for nothing thug.

Nice picture, shows this thug’s big accomplishment, he graduated High School, wow. Who would have thought he was going to get this far considering the upbringing he was given.

Now that’s the real Michael Brown, the one who’s parents got 1.5 million dollars for raising. Because you know, they did such a great job with him.

Odd, the convenience store owner in this video was roughed up and all he got was his store looted during the Fergusson Ghetto Shopping Spree of 2014.

Newsweek Reports:

(Reuters) – A St. Louis County grand jury has reached a decision in the investigation into the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white Ferguson, Missouri, policeman Darren Wilson in August, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said on Monday. The decision will be disclosed later on Monday.

A timeline on the shooting and investigation follows.

Aug. 9 – While driving a police SUV, Wilson encounters Brown and a friend of Brown walking down the street about midday. Accounts differ but witnesses agree there was a confrontation and Wilson fired multiple shots at Brown, killing him. Autopsies found that Brown had been shot at least six times.

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– A couple of hundred people gather at the scene and five dozen police officers are called to preserve order. Brown’s body is left in the street for about four hours.

Aug. 10 – At least two dozen businesses are damaged and one store is set on fire when looting breaks out during the protests, according to police. Thirty-two people are arrested and two officers injured.

Aug. 11 – Brown’s mother calls for calm. But in another night of unrest, police wearing riot gear fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators.

Aug. 12 – President Barack Obama calls for reflection and promises a U.S. Justice Department investigation. Brown’s father urges an end to the violence.

Aug. 13 – Police use tear gas in clashes with protesters.

Aug. 14 – After complaints of heavy-handed police tactics, Governor Jay Nixon puts the Missouri Highway Patrol in charge of security, led by Captain Ron Johnson, an African-American from the area. Protests are boisterous but peaceful.

Aug. 15 – Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson identifies Wilson as the officer who shot Brown. Jackson releases security video of a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store minutes before the shooting that shows Brown shoving a store clerk. Jackson says later that Wilson’s stop of Brown was unrelated to the robbery.

Aug. 16 – Nixon declares a state of emergency and sets a curfew.

Aug. 17 – U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder orders the Justice Department to conduct its own autopsy on Brown. Gunfire rings out during protests and police disperse demonstrators with tear gas.

Aug. 18 – Nixon lifts the curfew and sends the National Guard to Ferguson. The Brown family releases results of a private autopsy.

Aug. 20 – A St. Louis County grand jury begins hearing evidence.

Aug. 21-22 – The National Guard begins a gradual withdrawal amid two nights of muted protests.

Aug. 25 – Funeral services are held for Michael Brown.

Sept. 3 – Nixon lifts the Ferguson state of emergency.

Sept. 4 – U.S. Justice Department announces civil investigation of Ferguson police.

Sept. 25 – Jackson apologizes to Brown’s parents in a video.

Oct. 21 – Nixon says a special commission will examine social and economic conditions in Ferguson. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a county autopsy suggests Brown was shot once at close range in the hand, six times overall.

Oct. 22 – U.S. Justice Department calls recent leaks of information, including autopsy report, troubling.

Oct. 23 – Amnesty International report says law enforcement restrictions on peaceful protesters violated international standards.

Nov. 11 – Nixon says violence will not be tolerated if demonstrations follow grand jury announcement in Brown shooting.

Nov. 17 – Nixon declares a state of emergency, allowing him to call up National Guard in advance of a grand jury announcement.

Nov. 24 – Prosecutor says grand jury has reached a decision, which will be announced later on Monday.

This is what America turned into for electing a race baiting charlatan like Barack Hussein Obama. We are in serious trouble as a nation when you raise a kid to be a thug and the government takes it upon its self to reward you with a 1.5 million dollar gift because society had to fix the problem you created. Michael Brown was a thug who was bound to be a predator in society

In any given weekend over 30 young black men are killed by blacks in the city of Chicago. And no one bats an eye. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton never mention it, after all, there is no profit when blacks kill themselves off. Unless you work for Planned Parenthood that is.

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