Michael Phelps, The Greatest Olympian Of All-Time, Wins His 23rd Gold Medal For Team USA

Michael Phelps ended his professional Olympic career this morning in Rio, Brazil bringing home yet another gold. He took home his twenty-third gold in the 4×100 medley relay with fellow American swimmers Ryan Murphy, Cody Miller, and Nathan Adrian. The event surely is his last and Phelps confirmed it via Facebook Live.

He said,

“Go for 30 medals in Tokyo? I don’t think so boys and girls. This is over. This is it. Tonight’s the last one. It’s a lot to think about. 24 years in the sport and we’re finishing up tonight. I’m not going four more years and I’m standing by that.

I’ve been able to do everything I’ve ever put my mind to in this sport and after 24 years in the sport, I’m happy with how things finished. I’m happy. I’m ready to spend some time with Boomer and Nicole and watch the little dude grow.

They did the same thing in London. The 800 free relay guys said four more years… No.”

The greatest Olympian has finally retired from the Olympics while promising to return as a spectator for the next Tokyo, Japan games. Many are disappointed at this news as they want to see the greatest Olympian of all time return to bring home more golds.

But Phelps has a sordid history in recent years with the paparazzi. They were there to flash his name, picture and story all over the tabloids when he had an unfortunate DUI and stint in rehab. He was also public with his struggle of depression and suicidal thoughts.

As the epitome of the true American Dream he is, he picked himself up by his bootstraps from the gutter and climbed back up to the top to achieve his final gold medals in Rio.

He made us all proud to be Americans and he will live in infamy as the greatest.

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