Michele Bachmann Drops a Bombshell About Obama Just Before Leaving Office


It’s now well understood that President Obama is a sympathizer of Islam. His actions have spoken louder than his words, which is no simple task – as we all know he loves to talk.

Soon-to-retire Rep. Michele Bachmann had a few choice words of her own for the president, as she outlined several different ways that Obama is helping advance a radical Islamic agenda in the West – specifically in the United States.

On a recent radio show, Bachmann explained that by serving on the House Intelligence Committee for the past four years, she had a “front row seat in watching this up-tempo of Islamic jihad across the world.”

Obama is one to quickly shout that Islamic radicals act independently of their so-called “religion of peace” – which couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Bachmann and common sense.

“This has everything to do with the tenets of Islam; and it is a new state that is being put together for the purpose of destroying Israel and to turn the United States also into an Islamic caliphate,” Bachmann said on the radio show, reaffirming that Islamic radicals do it just like the Koran tells them too. (H/T WesternJournalism)

She also pointed out Obama’s willingness to “cut the legs of our ally, Israel,” at every possible chance, especially when it deals with the terrorist group Hamas, which is the group responsible for spawning the Muslim Brotherhood – a group that has a growing presence in the United States thanks to front groups such as CAIR.

Bachmann said that there had been recent attempts by Obama to meet with Iran’s ayatollah in an effort to use his negotiating skills and slick charm to back them down off a nuclear weapons agenda. During a one-on-one conversation with the charmer-in-chief, Bachmann attempted to penetrate his ego force-field and explain how important it was to stop Iran before it was close to achieving its goal of a nuclear weapon.

Obama’s response? A condescending laugh and the four-word reply, “it isn’t that easy.”

She quickly pointed out to him that, “the history of the world will change because of your failure to act.” And she’s 100% right.

The good news is that Obama only has two years left to damage the United States’ foreign policy. The bad news is that he still has two years left to do that.

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