Michelle Comes Out For The First Time In A While Looking VERY Different – Shows Who She Really Is

Michelle Comes Out For The First Time In A While Looking VERY Different - Shows Who She Really Is

While Michelle Obama has been out of sight and out of mind for conservatives since leaving the White House, liberals have been aching for an opportunity to get a glimpse of their “goddess” as they struggle to get over the fact that she’s gone. They finally got that chance on Sunday, when she stepped out for the first time in a while and shocked with something very different, and unexpected, about her new look.

The last sight of Michelle was when she met up with her Hollywood friends for a boozy lunch in New York City and made a bit of a fool of herself. That appearance was no comparison to what was seen this week when the Huffington Post caught her out in public and had a much different take on what they saw that proves liberal media’s undying double standard.

Liberals are gushing over with adoration for this woman who can do no wrong in their eyes. Her status has be elevated to an idol of worship since her exit from the role as First Lady and the reaction to her new hairdo proves that. When Michelle stepped out looking ungroomed and sporting an African “fro,” her liberal fan club praised her for her statement, led by Huffington Post’s undeniable favoritism for this former First Lady, especially over the current.

This was “literally the moment we have been waiting for,” the liberal online news source embarrassed themselves by saying, making it worse by the opening sentence of the overexaggerated piece: “The gates of heaven opened and Michelle Obama popped up on timelines in rare form on Sunday night.” As BizPacReview reports, “social media users ‘reveled in the glow of Obama’s melanin.'”


Michelle wasn’t in “rare form,” she was in her true form now that she’s without a tax-funded beauty team to make her as presentable as possible in public at all times. She no longer has her make-up artist, hair stylist, and designer waiting on her every pampered need, but leave it to liberals to turn this into some kind of black woman empowerment statement. If it was Melania Trump who rolled out of bed seconds before walking outside, there would be no shortage of slanderous accusations about what caused her lack-luster appearance.

h/t: [BizPacReview]

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