Michelle Just Showed Up Where Melania Is In Italy To Take Over As First Lady – Backfires BIG Time

President Donald Trump and Melania landed in Rome, Italy on Tuesday as the next place in their first overseas tour. While the world knew about their itinerary and where they would be landing next, they didn’t expect their perpetually traveling predecessors to show up in the same place. This was in part because the Obamas kept their plans under wraps, perhaps purposely so, until Michelle Obama showed up unexpectedly and tried to reclaim her role as First Lady of the United States while stepping on Melania’s toes who she thinks isn’t honoring the position as good as she did.

While the Obamas are jet-setting around the world on their ongoing vacation after being released from the White House, they could have picked any place on the planet to visit this week. However, the chose Italy and the timing is a little too convenient to be a coincidence. While they are happy to be free from the presidential duties, Barack and Michelle can’t seem to let the attention of the job go. Now Michelle is realizing that she probably should have just stayed home since she humiliated herself while trying to upstage her successor.

Barack and Michelle’s trip plans were mostly kept a secret until Michelle showed up in a small Italian town, not too far from where Melania was in Italy on her presidential trip. The pair got there a few days before the Trumps and kept their presence in the country quiet until about the same time the president and First Lady showed up.

“On Friday, the former president and first lady touched down at Grosseto Air Base in Tuscany, their private jet accompanied by six Eurofighter Fourth Wing jets,” according to the Daily Mail. “The Obamas, who have been on multiple vacations since leaving the White House in January, will reportedly visit Florence and Siena during their vacation. They are expected to fly out on May 25.”

In typical narcissistic Obama style, the couple commanded the attention of paparazzi as to take it off the Trumps. Michelle dressed provocatively in an off the shoulder blouse wich was holding on to her body for dear life to keep her chest covered in public. This is what she decided to wear to a Catholic cathedral, going completely against the conservative dress code perhaps for attention. She looked like a walking disgrace, but she wasn’t done there.

The over the top appearance that was sure to cause a stir for the attention she seeks since losing her title as First Lady, backfired when the mass majority of reporting about her questionable fashion statement was negative. Many around the globe saw it as an attempt to steal the spotlight from Melania’s first overseas trip as First Lady, where she outclassed Michelle ten-fold. While the former First Lady tried to take back the attention from her replacement, by going low with her provocative appearance — Melania went with high-class style and received international praise for her appearance.

“First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices got rave reviews in local Saudi Arabian press Sunday, despite forgoing the customary headscarf,” CNN reported. Although she and First Daughter Ivanka Trump opted out wearing the traditional Islamic head covering, Middle Eastern dignitaries praised them for the class they exuded in their personal style, proving that confidence is a woman’s best accessory.

These desperate attempts by Michelle to reclaim attention she never rightfully earned in the first place, are only going to continue to backfire on her. If she’s really wanting to get some respect back that she lost, then perhaps she should live by the motto that “absence makes a heart grow fonder.” People had more than their fair share of her for two terms and now they are wanting her to slip into obscurity.

Nobody wants to see her in a shirt that leaves little to the imagination and could fall off if a single gust of wind were to hit at just the wrong angle. If she would be out of sight and out of mind for a while, it would be easy to forget some of the things that people have come to dislike. She was allowed eight years of time and attention as First Lady and needs to extend that to Melania now too without trying to steal the spotlight from her.

h/t: [AmericanNews]

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