Michelle Malkin SCHOOLED The Idiots On ‘The View’ About Obama’s LIES To America. She Left Them Speechless

Michelle Malkin is an author, columnist, and blogger who has made recurring appearances on places like Fox News as well as other conservative media outlets. She is considered second to Ann Coulter in conservative media commentary. She also recently appeared on The View.

The View is known for having opinionated and liberal women on its show. Most notably, Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg. They literally make their money off of inserting their two cents on almost every conceivable issue their is. Whether we like it or not. When Malkin appeared on the show she discussed her book and her perception of President Obama’s lies and corruption within his campaign.

Watch here,

Malkin starts by explaining the basis of her book,

Of course people are aware of the botched nomination process. Everybody knows about tax cheat Tom Dashal. A lot of pay per play scandals.”

Baher interrupts asking her what botched nomination scandal she was referring to. Malkin retorted,

“I’m talking about Tom Dashal. Who represented everything that is against hope and change. She’s a revolving door lobbyist, failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes on these private crony drivers.”

Baher continues to interrupt asking if those things existed in the Bush administration too.

“Of course their was. And if you’re familiar with my book Joy you know I’ve been at the forefront at criticizing cronyism, corruption, in the Republican party. I was the first largest voice against Harry Meyers and Michael Brown and uh cronyism at DHS. But guess what, news flash, George Bush is not in office anymore and it’s time for the American public to reckon with the fact that what they were sold was a huge bill of goods.”

Continue watching to see her annihilate Joy even more so eloquently every time she interrupts with her uneducated remarks. Joy invites a woman onto her show and doesn’t even read her books, that is rather odd and then tries to call her out and make her look foolish. But Malkin was so articulate the only fool was Behar.

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