WATCH Michelle Malkin Just SCHOOL The Idiots On “The View” About Obama’s Lies And Leaves Them Speechless

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name Michelle Malkin, well, you’ll remember her name after your watch her school Joy Bahar and Whoopi Goldberg on the talk show “The View”.

Michelle Malkin is a well-respected Author, blogger, and columnist who makes frequent guest appearances on the #1 new network in the nation, Fox News. She has found great notoriety after her book “Culture of Corruption made it to the coveted spot of New York time #1 best sellers list. The book “Culture of Corruption” uncovers, through research, all the ‘pay for play’ corruption in the Obama administration.

Malkin came on the show “The View” to talk about her book and sat right between conservates (Sherri Shephard and Elisabeth Hasselbeck) and obvious liberals (Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg). It was pretty clear who read the book and who had not. Malkin came ready for a fight with the Obama synthetics and in the end, it was easy to see that Behar and Goldberg were no match for Michelle. Behar and Goldberg were unprepared with false quotes and hollow arguments and had no choice but to let Malkin take over the whole interview. Mulkin exposed the myth of Barack Obama and put the ignorant Joy Behar in her place.

The View’s conservative panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck opens up the interview/discussion with Michelle Malkin and the other panelist’s stating that she had read most of the 400-page book “Culture of Corruption”. Hasselback asks Malkin to expound on the expanse of corruption Mulkin for in the Obama Administration. “I scoured from top to bottom and of course a lot of people are already familiar with the botched nomination process.

Everybody knows about tax cheat, Tom Daschle, Phil Richardson who was involved in a lot of pay-for-play scandal.” Malkin tells the panel. Right in the middle of Malkin talking Joy Behar interrupts, “What botched nomination, what are you talking about?” Malkin is astounded that Behar has no idea who Tom Daschle is and responds, “I’m talking about Tom, Tom Daschle, the first HHS secretary nominee who represented everything that is aginst hope and change. He is a revolving door lobbyist, he failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes on his private driver”.

Behar, who obviously doesn’t know anything about politics, is a little ticked that Malkin put her in her place, so she interrupted Malkin again, bringing up the bush administration. Joy brings up that the Bush Administration, which had nothing to do with the interview on the book “Culture of Corruption”. Malkin entertains Joy’s statement and explains that she was one of the first to call out corruption in the Republican Party.

Joy had nothing on Malkin during the interview and it’s thoroughly entertaining and satisfying to watch the Liberal talk show host be put in her place, which is clearly not in a panel that discusses anything political because she has no idea what she is talking about.

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