Michelle Obama Bashed Trump But Didn’t Expect This Sheriff To KNOCK HER OUT!

As November looms, the Obamas are stepping up the attacks against Trump.

Obama has attempted to Trump – often making himself look like a bumbling idiot in the process.

And now it’s Michelle turn. During a commencement address she gave at the City University of New York, she used the platform to attack Donald Trump. She stated that “we don’t erect racist walls” and that “Americans don’t give into fear.”

As YesImRight reported, Sherrif David Clarke had a few words for her.

Clarke says:

“She said, ‘Thank you for allowing me to share this final commencement speech with you.’ That means no other college graduating class will have to hear this racial and divisive demagoguery from their First Lady of the United States.”

He speaks as a man that is tired of every PC liberal trying to turn this country inside out. The good thing is that the silent majority isn’t standing around anymore. We are fighting back, and we’re taking the country back. I can’t wait until January

The response to Michelle’s comments has been overwhelmingly negative. Hopefully her and the husband keep up the attacks – they could manage to get Trump elected.

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