Outrage After Michelle Obama Was Seen Doing THIS – She Didn’t Know Cameras Were On

Michelle is known for a few things. One, her speeches…the left absolutely adores them. Despite them being fruitless and empty, she says all the right words. You know, the ones that don’t trigger them. In fact because of the way she can speak to a crowd many of them are already thinking she would be the best candidate for them in 2018. Yes, geniuses. I know.

According to conservativefighters.com

She is also known however for her healthy appetite for luxury. Luxury vacations, attire and the love for an extravagant lifestyle. Her, and her designer gowns have made quite an impact on …. taxpayer dollars.

It was reported by Vanity Fair that Michelle had show up to the Kennedy Center Honors gala wearing a Gucci gown, and this happened to mark the first time she wore a gown designed by non-American. Some people have come to the conclusion that Michelle wore a dress designed by an Italian to serve an underlying message. As the decision to do so happened to coincide with Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi’s announcement that he would be resigning due to voters deciding against his plans for a constitutional reform.

Barack and Michelle Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors gala
Barack and Michelle Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors gala

However, THIS is what Michelle’s stylist said…

“We always take into account where we are going and that country’s cultural norms. The goals is to pay tribute to each place we visit while never losing the spirit of the United States”

But, she wore it to her husband’s final state dinner…so, is the cultural norm not American!?

It could be just a coincidence of course, I mean, it’s possible. However the New York Times believes that Michelle really was trying to send a message of support to Italy with her choice.

Just consider this… It was the first time she had worn a non-American designer to ANY even in the last 8 years she has attended, and it happened to be on the same day that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation.

The choice may have not been as casual as some may think, considering that millions watch this event from all over the world, and add that to her never wearing anything but American designer made dresses before, it’s just too weird.

Of course we know that the Obamas are not exactly thrilled to be all American, it still does fall out of character with her previous choices for the past 8 years.

But then again…maybe she just thought it was pretty. Pretty expensive.

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