(From IJReview) MRCTV’s Dan Joseph attended the Congressional Black Caucus conference this year to ask Michelle Obama fans about her school lunch program.

Not shockingly, every person he interviewed believed it was a good idea. However, the tone changed when Joseph asked if they would be in favor of applying the same eating standards to things like food stamps and government assistance.

One lady told Joseph after being questioned if she could offer her support to banning Doritos, Oreos, and sugar:

“N,o I don’t think that would be doable.”

And here’s how social media users responded:

A mother makes it clear that the government shouldn’t be playing parent.

Facebook Response To Michelle's Lunch Standards

With reports of welfare recipients buying lobster, this guy had to get a word in.

Facebook Response To MRCTV Video

And this user feels it make sense to only allow those on food stamps to buy necessities.

Facebook User Responds To MRCTV Video on Lunch Program

In addition, according to the Washington Post47 million people are currently on food stamps.

So, do you think Joseph’s proposal is something to be seriously considered? Or is it simply over the top?

Image source: Twitter via Twitchy

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