Michelle Obama LOSES IT After What Melania Just Said About Her Summer Vacation

Michelle Obama LOSES IT After What Melania Just Said About Her Summer Vacation

The difference between the current First Lady and the former is vast and the disdain Michelle Obama has for her successor is palpable. Melania Trump not only took her coveted place in the People’s House, she came in and did things much different than Michelle, replacing her failed legacy with class and family values.  Now, she has new reason to dislike Melania after what she said about her summer vacation plans.

It’s no coincidence that Melania’s approval ratings are so high. She didn’t come into the White House brash and loud like her predecessor — she was reserved and respectful instead. Shen doesn’t overspeak her piece, instead, she uses her words wisely and lets her actions speak volumes. This latest move proves that along with marking the major difference between her and Michelle.

While Michelle used her position for personal gain and frivolity, Melania understands how tacky and disrespectful that is. The wife of the former “Vacation-in-Chief” just got put in her place when Melania announced that any vacationing the Trumps do will be on their own dime. Making hardworking Americans pay the bill shouldn’t be a “perk” of the job when they make enough to pay for their own vacations.

According to Conservative Post:

The Trump First Family is personally helping to control waste and spending which is a small start towards paying off the hefty deficit that Obama left – close to a $20 TRILLION debt for America.

Michelle treated the opportunity to live in the White House like a lottery winner and not for the honor that it was. She proved she didn’t have respect for the American people who put her there by overstepping her bounds with excessive vacationing. That’s classless and Melania is classy, which people on both sides of the aisle seem to appreciate.

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