Michelle Obama Tells San Bernardino Victims’ Families That She Will Rap For Them (VIDEO)


(Conservative Post) First Lady Michelle Obama told a family member of the San Bernardino terrorist attack she will rap in the victim’s honor.

I am sure they so need that…RIDICULOUS!

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The President has come under fire from a local leader on his short stop-off in San Bernardino while on his way to his annual 16-day Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

Obama met with the families of the 14 who were murdered on December 2 by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik during a holiday party at Farook’s work.

One local leader criticized the President for meeting only with relatives of the victims who lost heir lives in the attacks and accused him of ‘politicizing’ the tragedy in the weeks afterwards.

First Lady Michelle Obama joined her husband and told one of the family member that she would rap or perform at our fundraising concert.’

She lost her mind?

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