Michelle Obama TERRIFIED After Damning FOOTAGE GOES VIRAL – See It Before It’s Deleted.

Michelle Obama. What a racist pos. She hates you, me, America, hell, anything that has to do with Western civilization. And she’s an idiot to boot. The sooner she & her scum disease husband are gone, the better.

World News Politics posted about Moochelle’s latest anti-American tirade (or perhaps we should say “stupidity”:

Um…Did Michelle REALLY just say that the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence were NOT born in America??? Thomas Jefferson, who wrote up the Declaration of Independence and signed it, was born in Virginia. Benjamin Franklin was born in Pennsylvania, and John Adams was born in Massachusetts.

In fact, only 8 of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not born in this country. As a Harvard graduate, one would think Michelle would know this, but she clearly had no idea…

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