Lance Corporal Michelle Obama Thinks Her Life Is Just As Difficult As A Soldier’s Life, If Not More…

First Lady Michelle Obama recently gave a speech at the Fort Campbell base in Kentucky. She spoke of veterans trying to find civilian jobs once they have finished their enlistment. Admittedly she mentioned she knew very little of the lives of soldiers before becoming First Lady and playing an active role in the campaign trail.

She stated,

“Unlike Jill, I wasn’t a military mom. I didn’t know much about the military, and I was probably more like the average American.”

When speaking about her experiences on the campaign trail she said,

“Everywhere we went, I heard the voice of a woman that I hadn’t heard before, and it was your voice. And I was just awed and blown away by what I heard through those voices, the challenges you all face.”

Then she took it one step too far,

“Dealing with everything that I was dealing with—a spouse traveling, a job, kids– we didn’t deal with multiple moves, but I learned about the challenges that happen when you move from base to base to base. The way your kids have to adjust on a dime. And doing it knowing that the person you love is in harm’s way. And those stories moved me in a way that I didn’t expect.”

Apparently our First Lady thinks her travels helping her husband run for President are the same if not similar to the type of lifestyle soldiers families live. Oddly, her husband never served a day in his life in the United States military. She wouldn’t know the first thing of what being a military family means. The sacrifice our armed forces make far usurps anything she has ever dreamed of.

Lets hope next time she has a speaking engagement she pays a little more attention to what comes out of her tone deaf mouth.

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