Michelle Is PISSED After Melania Just Stepped Out With Netanyahu’s Wife And Everyone Immediately Noticed One Thing

First ladies of the past have been synonymous with grace and elegance. Which is why the country was ecstatic when Donald Trump was elected. President Trump’s wife, Melania oozes class and elegance with every step she takes. She is the picture of sophistication, grace, and intelligence that anyone with half a functioning brain cell could see. Which is why Michelle Obama must be furious after seeing Melania step out with Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife on Wednesday.

This afternoon First Lady Melania Trump, played hostess for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara. While we have seen a President and first lady greet national leaders hundreds of times before–this was a first time for Melania.

Melania looked stunning in a custom-made Karl Lagerfeld white suit jacket and matching pencil skirt, and who take their eyes off of her.

Photo Credit: Gettys Images
Photo credit: Gettys Images

Not only did Melania meet with Sara Netanyahu today she had the pleasure of entertaining Prime Minister of Japan‘s wife, Akie Abe, in Delray Beach, Florida this past weekend. Again, Melania stole the show looking absolutely gorgeous and poised as ever.

Photo credit: Gettys Images

Let us compare that to when Michelle Obama met with these national leaders, and to be honest, Michelle can’t hold a candle next to Melania.

Seriously? This is what Michelle Obama wore to meet with a national leaders’ wife?

Or, when Michelle wore this frumpy gown when she was photographed with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe and his wife.

You know Michelle Obama is ticked after seeing these images of Melania floating around now. Melania’s beauty puts Michelle to shame, and First Lady Trump is putting class back in the White House. Michelle Obama lacked the poise and sophistication of a person in her position. Between her slouching and rough exterior she was not at all easy on the eyes.

I am just so glad to see a REAL first lady back in the White House that has class and sophistication that this country deserves.

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