Michelle Unrecognizable After Solo Trip With Her SICK Secret Out Now – Here’s What She Looks Like

Michelle Obama escaped on a solo island vacation last week and, oddly, was without her husband. Rumors began to swirl as to why the pair had suddenly decided to separate for vacation after spending so much time (and taxpayer cash together) going on constant post-presidency trips. Now, Michelle has resurfaced from her trip, totally unrecognizable, and revealing her sick secret she’s been hiding all along.

Now, Michelle has resurfaced from her beach vacation and is totally unrecognizable with her new look that reveals the sick secret she’s been hiding all along.

While Michelle’s trip was presented as just another need for more rest and relaxation in solitude, it seemed strange since there’s arguably no person on the planet who rests and relaxes more than this former first lady.

She was seen flashing some major thigh, backside, and braless tops on the island, but those disgusting pictures weren’t nearly as bad as the shot of her that surfaced yesterday. In a move never made before by any First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama just sent a huge middle finger to law enforcement with an unrecognizable new look she sported on Monday.

It’s no secret that Michelle is singer Beyonce’s biggest fan, as the star was often invited to the White House for special concerts and parties in place of actual dignitaries. The first lady, at the time, went completely “fan girl” on the singer more times than not, but the move she made this week for her friend was truly desperate for the 53-year-old, and worse, a slap in the face to fallen officers.

The Federalist Papers reports:

Ever since Michelle Obama suggested that the United States didn’t deserve her pride until it elevated her husband to the presidency, the perception has persisted that she’s far more detached from traditional American values than a former First Lady should ever be. Now, she has doubled down on those suspicions with an act that just might top that infamous quote.

The Blaze reports that Mrs. Obama was part of a photo shoot in which friends and relatives of Beyoncé dressed up in the pop star’s getup from her 2016 music video “Formation.” Other participants included Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, and tennis player Serena Williams.

While it’s no surprise that Michelle would jump at the opportunity to transform herself into her favorite pop star, considering she genuinely wants to “be” her; it’s sick that she chose the look from “Formation” to replicate the pop princess. In doing so, she shared her secret feelings about police in this country that she seems to share with the star.

This particular look was what Beyonce sported while singing a tribute to Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and Malcom X – all while chanting anti-cop rhetoric. Of all Beyonce’s garish looks Michelle could have transformed herself into, this one couldn’t have been coincidental.The Blaze’s Sarah Taylor explains:

The Blaze’s Sarah Taylor explains the slap in the face:

“The pop star performed the song during the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, where many of her backup dancers donned what appeared to be Black Panther-like costumes, and gave several nods to the Black Lives Matter movement and Malcolm X.”

“The video for ‘Formation’ features a young black boy standing in front of a line of police with his hands raised up in the air and contains footage that many considered controversial as a result of its Hurricane Katrina-related theme.”

“Toward the end of the video, a New Orleans police car can be seen drowning in Katrina waters, which Vox called a ‘callback to Hurricane Katrina and systemic neglect and abuse of the black community in New Orleans’.”

While liberals are celebrating this collective photo shoot and ode to Beyonce on her birthday, they are perpetuating the disrespect that’s been percolating in this country since the second she took the stage – and they know it.

Beyonce defended herself against the initial backlash from this song by claiming that it was not rooted in hate for police officers. That was only to save face since her website revealed the truth through a statement still on there today which rants about an undefined “they” that won’t “stop killing us,” and expressing the idea that unjustified police shootings “consistently go unpunished,” and that there is a “war on people of color.”

That pretty much paints the entire picture that Michelle was supporting when she dressed up like Beyonce to share this message. There were many iconic looks they all could have replicated for Beyonce’s birthday, but the most controversial one was picked on purpose.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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