Look Who Just Showed Up To Wipe Out HUGE Crowd Of People – This Officially Means War

News broke yesterday of a lone attacker at the Flint, Michigan airport who stabbed a police officer in the neck with a knife while shouting the Islamic battlecry of jihad, “Allahu Akbar.” The officer was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and the terrorist was taken into custody. Perhaps because the cop wasn’t killed and there weren’t any other victims involved, thankfully, people were surprisingly unalarmed by this very concerning act of terrorism. However, that ignorance isn’t bliss because the assailant wasn’t done.

Terrorists don’t care about laws or need guns to commit their heinous acts against infidels, as we’re seeing an uptic in stabbings, explosives, and vehicular manslaughter to appease Allah. The weapon of choice yesterday was a knife, which could easily kill someone in a single stab to the neck which this suspect was apparently trying to do. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful in his attempt and the cop could see another day, but his path to virgins in heaven he was promised in the Koran, didn’t end there.

While Americans may or may not have heard about this horror, they seemed to be less concerned with it since a room full of people weren’t obliterated at one time. There wasn’t a Facebook profile filter of the Michigan state flag, or even a law enforcement flag for the victim of terrorism who happened to be a police officer. The country has become desensitized to these atrocities, perhaps expecting it and not changing anything about their routine to protect themselves, which terrorist want since it makes people much easier targets.

In the hours since this stabbing took place, more has come out about terrorist. 50-year-old Amor Ftouhi entered the U.S. legally into Lake Champlain, N.Y., from Canada — a country which has recently become a hotbed of hate after becoming practically on par with Europe in accepting Muslim refugees. Their willingness to welcome these people is now spilling into America which Lt. Jeff Neville learned the hard way when he was stabbed in the neck. However, it could have been much worse, as what Fthouhi really had planned has just come out.

The terrorist only used a knife in this attack because he as determined to commit jihad but couldn’t get a gun. He wasn’t supposed to be done with just one victim, he wanted to take out as many as he could.

The Hill reports:

“The man accused of stabbing a police officer in Flint, Mich., Wednesday reportedly attempted to purchase a gun within the five days prior to the attack but was denied the purchase because of his Canadian citizenship.”

“House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) confirmed to CNN that Ftouhi had attempted to purchase a firearm in the last five days.”

“‘I don’t think he was on anyone’s radar screen, but we do know he traveled from Canada to New York to Michigan’, McCaul told CNN. ‘What I think the significance of that is, you have someone coming across the northern border from Canada into the United States to try and kill police officers in the homeland’, he continued.”

This horrifying reality that the attack could have been much worse, disproves liberals’ argument that gun owners are out to kill people and open borders makes America a safe and friendlier place. In fact, it only shows that responsible people can buy guys this was and that they aren’t as easy to get as the left says they are. Fthoui’s easy entrance into the country was made possible by liberal’s insistence to rebuke President Donald Trump’s right vetting process which is still in the process of getting settled and would have by now had the left not fought it tooth and nail to tie it up.

Since terrorists don’t need guns to attack people, Americans at least need their right to protect themselves from it. Trump is very pro- Second Amendment and pro-border control which, the latter of which is the biggest hurdle we have to cross with the persistent resistance from the left. How many more attacks do there need to be to prove the importance of both, or is spewing an agenda of liberal propaganda more important?

It’s time for everyone in this country to wake up to the atrocities around us and protect our nation and each other. Safety and sovereignty are bigger than our differences which must be set aside to fight the evil among us that sets to destroy our way of life once we become too comfortable and accepting.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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