Breaking! Michigan Attorney General Has Bad News For Jill Stein

Jill Stein’s recount effort started strong — and went south quickly.

It seemed like the recount would at least succeed in bringing attention to the Green Party. Her recount campaign raised more money than her presidential campaign ($6.3 million raised for a recount; $3.5 million raised for her 2016 presidential run). Perhaps she learned a few lessons from The Donald in getting free publicity from the media and using it to her advantage.

Regardless, the Green Party was none too happy with the stunt, and they quickly distanced themselves. All mentions (and photos) of Stein have been removed from the homepage of the Green Party’s website.

And the math behind her recount efforts are working against her. She’s missed the deadline for Pennsylvania’s recount, so even if she was able to flip the other two states she’s pushing for a recount in (Wisconsin and Michigan), it would be irrelevant.

As for the recount in Wisconsin, on the first day, Trump lost an entire two votes. Only 21,998 to go to flip the State!

And for Michigan, that recount just reached another roadblock. As Red State Watcher reported, their state Attorney General just announced that he wouldn’t be complying with Stein’s nonsense.

He’s filing a lawsuit to put an end to it. Here are a series of tweets he fired off earlier today:


It’s estimated that it could cost Michigan taxpayers 10-12 million to finance Stein’s recount, when you factor in all the costs associated with it. A socialist wasting other people’s money is nothing new – thank God Michigan has an AG willing to put an end to her nonsense.

Donald Trump is president elect, and rather than figure out what they did wrong, it’s liberals claiming that the system is rigged. In fact, the system is rigged, it’s just rigged in their favor….. and we still won!

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