You Might Not Like What Samuel L. Jackson Said About The Police (VIDEO)


For the most part, Hollywood elite Samuel L. Jackson seems to stay out of political affairs and sticks to acting, but the recent decisions of multiple grand juries not to indict officers involved in the deaths of suspects has caused him to speak out.

Jackson, who has starred in dozens of blockbuster hits throughout the years, posted a video to his Facebook page calling out other stars to speak up against what he sees to be racist and unjust police behavior. However, rather than push people to take to the streets and unleash their fury in their towns, Jackson has a much more simple request – post a video to the internet of themselves singing We Ain’t Gonna Stop ‘Til People Are Free.

Jackson likens his plea to the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where people would “dump buckets of ice” on their heads to raise money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” which drew heavy support from the public and celebrities. And with the manner in which stars have already spoken out about the police incidents, he’ll likely get an outpouring of support.

The problem is that the cases Jackson is upset with were both deemed to not have been motivated by race. The shooting death of robbery suspect Michael Brown was determined to be justified by a grand jury after weeks of deliberation, and the choking death of Eric Garner didn’t lead to any charges against the involved officer. On top of that, Garner’s own daughterdenied that his death had anything to do with race.

It’s not really surprising to see Jackson speak out in such a manner, considering that in 2012 he rallied for President Obama to be re-elected. However, it is sad to see yet another Hollywood star ignore the reality in front of them and instead put their support behind a narrative that’s been proven false several times over.

What I don’t get is why these stars don’t ever speak out against the epidemic of black-on-black violence that’s sweeping through disadvantaged communities across the nation. Such violence causes far more deaths than the police and seems much more worthy of getting attention than police-involved killings.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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