Mike Brown’s Thug Mother To Speak At DNC Convention – After She Robs and Beats Her Mother-in-Law

Look who is speaking at the Democratic Convention next week. I say look, because you wouldn’t be able to guess it.

You know the guy that was shot dead by a Police Officer that started all this BLM garbage? Yes, this is his Mother. The same Mother who had incited a riot of massive destruction in her own community after the grand jury had found the Officer not guilty for the crime that her and her followers wanted him to be guilty for. Shooting her criminal son.

In fact, her husband at the time was the one who you could hear shouting… “Burn this B*tch down!”

Obviously, they are upstanding citizens just like their Son.

Just in case you need a refresher…here you go:

This woman is also the same woman who got into a fist fight with her Son’s grandmother, and auntie on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant. Why? Well, it was over the rights to the t-shirts they were selling after the incident. When she didn’t get her way, she reportedly robbed Michael Brown’s grandmother, Pearlie Gordon of $1400…and things just got really messy from there.

This is the woman who birthed the momentum needed to spread anti-police hate like a plague across this nation. The ideal that criminals are victims and police officers are criminals, is all thanks to her actions taken after her CRIMINAL son was shot.

Look at this…

These were t-shirts that were for sale at Michael Brown’s funeral. Yes, the family of the deceased SOLD t-shirts at his funeral, then proceeded to incite a riot that trashed their own community, only after throwing fists at each other over money…made off their dead son’s funeral.

It is this woman who will be speaking at the Democratic convention. Although it’s just plain obnoxious, I can see why it shouldn’t surprise us.

Of course Hillary wants a criminal speaking at her convention. Birds of a feather, flock together. Both of them have something in common. They both have the blood of heroes on their hands. Leave it to the Dems to reach new levels of stupid.

Keeping it classy to the very end.

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