BOOM! Mike Ditka Drops The BOMB On ‘Oppressed’ Kaepernick & He Isn’t Happy! – WATCH

The topic of the national anthem has become a contentious issue since Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for it due to what he calls, “the oppression of African Americans” in the United States.

Especially in the world of sports all types of athletic professionals have been weighing in on whether sitting down for the anthem is right or wrong. Well, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka commented on it and you won’t want to miss it.

Watch here,

Ditka is a legendary and notorious NFL coach who recently appeared on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Texas this last Friday. He commented that if Colin Kaepernick does not like the United States then he should just simply get the hell out!

Ditka in not so many words admitted he has absolutely no respect for Colin Kaepernick specifically because of his disrespect for the flag. He admits that he does not see the atrocities that Kaepernick and others are saying they see perpetrated against African Americans. Moreover, he said that people are just looking for problems to find and that if you go looking for a problem then you will find one. Whereas, this is the land of opportunity so if you look for opportunity than that is what you will find.

Specifically he said,

I think it’s a problem, anybody who disrespects this country and the flag. If they don’t like the country, they don’t like our flag, get the hell out. That’s what I think. So if you’re asking me, I have no respect for Colin Kaepernick. He probably has no respect for me, that’s his choice.

My choice is that I like this country, I respect our flag. And I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on. I see opportunities if people want to look for opportunity. Now, if they don’t want to look for them, then you can find problems with anything, but this is the land of opportunity because you can be anything you want to be if you work. Now, If you don’t work, that’s a different problem.”

The former coach expressed similar sentiments in previous occasions. For example, when the Rams did their hands up gesture. Which is symbolic of the movement by Black Lives Matter activists who insist that African Americans are killed even when they are unarmed with their hands up. He is also no President Obama fan saying he is one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen.

We’ve got to certainly agree with him there. President Obama is nothing more than a glorified community organizer who never belonged in the White House. He has done nothing but inflame racial tensions. They have gotten progressively worse under his tenure. There is no denying that. Because this rioting and violence did not exist on such a scale as it did previous to his presidency.

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