Mike Huckabee Points Out That Islam Is The Least Tolerant Religion, Then Leaves Viewers Speechless!

Mike Huckabee has pointed out what a lot of us are thinking.. Islam is the least tolerant religion of them all. In fact, they are the opposite of tolerant, it’s like they are setup to look for reasons to be intolerant of others who think, do, or even look different.

Every time Obama, Hillary or the likes of them say differently, it’s enough to gag, due to the fact that it’s so OBVIOUS that their words are BS!

Think about it, when was the last time anyone heard of a Muslim country welcoming Christians? Not only are they not welcomed, they aren’t even ignored to worship as they please. They are hunted down.

Well, this is exactly what Mike Huckabee is trying to point out in this video where he is a voice for Christians here in America. He is bringing focus to the fact that Muslim countries are INTOLERANT.

The video was taken while he was on the O’Reilly Factor last Thursday night, and this former Arkansas Governor held NO punches while he gave a piece of his mind to Arab nations.

What Obama has done giving control of 3 holy sites to the Palestinians is ASININE, and proves that he is not even trying to hide his blind hatred now for Israel at all. The man is an anti-Christ.

“Can you name me one Muslim country that welcomes Christians to build & protect churches? No, you can’t; there isn’t one.”

Do you disagree with his statement?

The video of Mike Huckabee although cut too short, is a history lesson for libtards on Palestinians. They were never a culture group or anything. It’s a made up term.

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