‘Mikey’ Weinstein And MRFF Oppose Christianity In Our Military

They have never attacked any other religion in the military except Christianity.

If you don’t know anything about Michael ‘Mikey’ Weinstein, you should. He and his organization, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), are cause célèbre with their continued attack any Christianity in our military.

Here is their mission:

ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Here are a just a few of their recent successes in 2016:

• Former U.S. Army Lt. General (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin was disinvited from attending a prayer breakfast to be held at Fort Riley, Kansas. In a report date June 3, 2016, MRFF filed a complaint claiming Boykin was “homophobic, Islamaphobic, fundamental Christian extremist.” To things into perspective, Weinstein said MRFF had already filed 131 complaints against Boykin.

• MRFF filed an amicus curiae brief (literally, friend of the court) against Marine Corps Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling. She was bounced from the service for posting a bible verse on her computer.

• MRFF forced a bible to be removed from POW/MIA remembrance table inside a VA clinic. This display is also called the Missing man table. The table and its ceremony honors the memory of fallen, missing, or imprisoned military service-members. The official ceremony includes the Bible but is replaced by a book or is not replaced at all.

'Mikey' Weinstein
POW/MIA Missing Man Table with and without a Bible. Source: Facebook.

MRFF was quite proud of their success on this action:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) heartily commends the Veterans Administration (VA) senior staff at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center for finally forcing the constitutionally-derelict and recalcitrant head of the Youngstown VA facility to completely remove the Christian bible from its POW/MIA “Missing Man” Memorial display and replacing it with a generic “prop book” with no words in it. No longer will the Christian faith, to the exclusion of ALL other faiths and no faith, be allowed to wear the special “VA Seal of Approval” at this POW/MIA memorial at the Youngstown Community-Based Outpatient Clinic.

MRFF is an organization whose actions are totally opposite to its name. The group claims to attack any individual or group in the military that has expressed or plans to express religion in any way, shape, form, or fashion! The problem is their attacks are not on any other religion but Christianity! This is obvious by looking at Legal on the MRFF website.

MRFF’s position on religion is their extreme interpretation of the 1st Amendment to our Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion;

Evidently Mikey doesn’t really know what this sentence means nor why it was included in our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers did not want any state within the union to establish a religion since eight of the thirteen British colonies had official, or “established,” churches. The implication of the 1st Amendment is “freedom of religion” not “freedom from religion”!

It seems that the appropriate name for ‘Mikey’ Weinstein’s MRFF should be “No Christianity In The Military” as this is the only thing they are accomplishing!

Chuck Yarling has had many titles in his career thus far: veteran, engineer, math teacher, consultant, technical writer, book author and publisher, and triathlete. He was a member the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Bugles Across America, which plays Taps at military funerals and special events. Spec. 5 Chuck Yarling served with the 26th Combat Engineering Battalion in Vietnam as an awards clerk. His service with the U.S. Army resulted in being awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Army Commendation Medal. You may reach Chuck at [email protected]

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