Miley Cyrus To Leave America For Good After Challenging Donald Trump And Losing Big Time

HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Because this year, it appears that Christmas has come early. Miley Cyrus was one celebrity who said she’d leave upon Trump’s win of the Presidency, and now she’s said that she ‘never says anything she doesn’t mean’

However…let me add that maybe we shouldn’t hold our breathe. I mean, it’s Miley Cyrus…good character is not her virtue. So she may not be sticking to her promise that she only sees as a ‘threat’

These celebrities are so weird right? Do they really think they are so special that we would all drop on our knees and beg for them to stay?


Anywho…this is what is going down with Miss Cyrus.
The girl was certain Hillary was going to win, and not only that…she thought that is what America wanted. She truly through and through thought that what she wanted was the majority’s opinion on who should become President.

What she failed to understand just like so many of her liberal crazies is that…there is no way for them to know America’s true opinion because they never allowed us to share it!

It was sit down, shut-up, and think what I think or YOU’RE A RACIST!

Serious ASSHAT syndrome if you ask me.

Well, right after the election results became clear and Trump became our President-elect, Miley didn’t hesitate to get into keyboard warrior mode and cry on social media.

She was saying things like, ‘I thought I knew what Americans wanted, but I guess I was wrong’ and surprise, surprise… ‘Trump, I accept you as my President, just please be good to people’ ….

Well that ‘moment of understanding’ was very short lived..because now in her latest post to Instagram the good girl turned new face of Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 has changed her tune…

Now she’s saying she does not accept Trump and she’s OUTTA HERE and further more….she doesn’t say anything she does not mean. (Yes, that again.)

So to Miss Miley Cyrus one of the worst things that has happened to ‘pop culture’ in the history of ‘pop culture’s’ existence… I’d like to say:



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