Military Chaplain Responds After Punished by Obama for Referencing the Bible (VIDEO)


Ever since Obama has taken office, there has been a consorted effort to remove Christianity from the military, and some commanders under him are carrying out his godless agenda, while at the same time impeding on the freedom of Christians who should have the right under the Constitution to practice their faith.

The military chaplain who was punished after making references to the Bible while leading a suicide-prevention seminar last month at the University of North Georgia is now breaking the silence. Speaking to The Daily Signal during a Skype interview, the chaplain says that he was merely doing his duty.

“What I had tried to communicate with my audience is that depression can be conquered, depression can be overcome, and there are a myriad of ways of dealing with depression,” the chaplain, Capt. Joe Lawhorn, said during the interview.

Since the chaplain had struggled with the issue personally, he wanted to share his own viewpoints with the soldiers during the class.

Military Chaplain Responds After Punished by Obama for Referencing the Bible

 “It was my faith that helped me to persevere and remain resilient in the face of depression,” says Capt. Joe Lawhorn

According to The Daily Signal:

During the class, he explained how he followed the example of Israel’s King David to overcome his own depression while an Army Ranger. He also distributed a handout to soldiers that included references to the Bible and provided referrals for local counseling that included secular and non-secular options.

Several atheist members who were present in the audience were not amused, however, and filed a complaint to the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

A “letter of concern” was sent a week later to Lawhorn from Col. David Fivecoat, commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Georgia. The letter alleged that the Chaplain was in violation of Army regulations after he “advocated for … Christianity and used Christian scripture and solutions.”

COL Fivecoat Letter of Determination (12 DEC 14)

Since Lawhorn’s role in the military is to encourage and bring hope to the soldiers from a religious or spiritual perspective, the chaplain said that he was surprised upon receiving the official complaint.

 “When I spoke about faith in particular, and in particular my Christian faith, it was clear that I was speaking from [a] first-person account. In my particular situation, it was my faith that helped me to persevere and remain resilient in the face of depression. And I was very clear to my audience that that was one way to handle depression and thoughts of suicide, but it certainly was not the only way.”

The chaplain then clarified that the handout that Soldiers received during the mandatory briefing was completely optional, and he made that clear before he began teaching the class.

“I made it clear from the beginning of the class that … any handout or any resource I provided soldiers who might need help was completely optional,” he says. “It was up to them whether to take it or leave it.”

Since the complaint, the chaplain reached out to the nonprofit legal group known as theLiberty Institute, who helped him file an official response to the Army in a rebuttal of the allegations.

The commander did not agree with Lawhorn’s rebuttal, however, and stated:

 [his argument] “did not disprove nor dissuade me that your actions made it impossible for those in attendance to receive the necessary resource information without also receiving biblical information.”

The chaplain went on:

“This really isn’t about me,” says Lawhorn. “This is about chaplains exercising their rights as chaplains to perform in the capacity in which the Army—in this case in the individual chaplain’s endorser—has endorsed them to do in God and country.”

Military Chaplain Responds After Punished by Obama for Referencing the Bible

The reference that atheists continually claim when trying to erase God from every facet of society is the “separation of Church and State,” which actually isn’t even in the Constitution. The First Amendment does, however, explicitly state that everyone is FREE to practice their religion as they see fit, and the intent of this amendment was to ensure that the government could never establish a set religion and then force it onto the people, as was the case in England.

It seems as though the person being violated in this situation was this chaplain, whose religion and free speech is being censored in order to pander to these atheists’ twisted understanding of the Constitution.

How about we focus on helping those who might be contemplating suicide and stop being annoyed that someone made a reference to the Bible while trying to share their point of view?

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