Military General Calls on America’s Top Brass to Make Unprecedented Move Against ObamaA former military general is calling for the top generals serving under Obama to protest his misuse and deterioration of our military by resigning in protest.

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, a former Delta Force member and deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, wrote an opinion piece on Breitbart, where he stated that sending our soldiers to fight Ebola is an “abuse of our men and women in uniform.” Not only are the Soldiers under trained to fight this disease, but Boykin stated that deploying our forces is not even a military operation.

“Sending up to 4,000 service members to Liberia to fight Ebola is abuse. Consider that America has been at war for 13 years and our military has an all-time high suicide rate, out of control PTSD, and family disintegration at unprecedented levels. Now America will send these young men and women — who are not adequately trained to fight Ebola — on something that is NOT a military mission in the first place. It is time for stars on the table, without delay,” Boykin declared.

He went on to put the president on blast for his lack of a coherent strategy to destroy ISIS and said that the passiveness of the current Joint Chiefs of Staff is actively “supporting the destruction of America’s war fighting capabilities.” He stated that the military budget and the sequestration are also to blame, as they have led our military readiness to a “dangerously low level.”

The former general’s other complaint was how top officers supportive of Obama and his radical policies have allowed the president to continue to overrun and infringe on the first amendment rights of service members.

“Possibly the most egregious issue is the attack on religious liberty, as the First Amendment rights of service members’ faith are being infringed on constantly. By embracing the foolish and destructive decisions of the Obama administration, the military leadership is contributing to and overseeing the downfall of our most important national security asset, the US Armed Forces.”

He continued to call out these top officers, saying that their current support of the Obama administration was a direct violation of their sacred oath to “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and said it is“past time” for them to rise up and protest.

“This is a serious and sacred oath and when you know that a policy is just plain wrong, then you are obligated by that oath to do something; that something is for military leaders to say to the President of the United States, ‘I can no longer support your ill-advised and reckless policies that I regard as threats to national security and the welfare of our men and women in uniform.’”

Military General Calls on America’s Top Brass to Make Unprecedented Move Against Obama

Obama wipes his butt daily with our Constitution, and we all see it plain as day. As this imperial president rules by fiat and executive actions in order to override the other branches of government, it is truly refreshing to see someone like this general call Obama out, along with the other asshats that are mindlessly following this president’s lawless actions. Kudos to you, Mr. Boykin!


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