Military Shows Up Kaepernick Who Again Refuses To Stand For National Anthem On ‘Military Night’

Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem before the 49ers clashed with the Chargers.

A military man sang the National Anthem, crushed it, crowd in cheers, and there’s Colin the Crumb kneeling for the Anthem.

fans mad at kaepernick

Grow up Kaepernick. People are tired of talking about you. This is the most press that a benched or non-playing football player had since OJ Simpson was on a high speed chase in a White Bronco.

Everything sounded wonderful, the crowd was excited to see a preseason game a week before NFL kickoff, and it was destined to be a fun filled family adventure.

But then there’s Colin Kaepernick using his place of employment to petty push his pathetic crybaby message.

Everyone knows that there will be good and bad employees at every profession, including the police.

We have to face the facts. There will be bad cops out there. It’s impossible for every officer to be perfect. Just like there’s bad football players out there. It’s impossible for every quarterback to be a pro-bowler.

I think the bigger problem that should be addressed is why are people committing so much crime? And why does Black Lives Matter make criminals look like saints?

That’s a problem that Kaepernick should address with the public.

He should refuse to sign autographs for kids who have dads in prison.

How would that look if Colin said “stop committing crimes and I’ll sign your kids football?”

Would that be OK?

Would people stop committing crime? You know, being a responsible citizen and contributing to society instead of ruining it?

Stop talking bad about the police and start reminding people to stop being loser criminals who put cops in bad situations where they have to pop a cap in a crook.

Criminals who don’t listen to police commands usually get themselves shot.

That’s not police targeting anyone, that’s failure to comply and maybe people will listen like a smart person.

Hands up, don’t steal.

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