Military Style United Nations Vehicles Spotted On U.S. Interstate

Numerous vehicles belonging to the United Nations were found on Interstate 81 in Virginia and now people are going crazy. Jeff Stern, a Facebook member, downloaded several images of the vehicles online this last Friday.

They were very heavy duty military style vehicles. The United Nations has no authority in the United States and serves as an international peace organization making that more odd why their vehicles would be in the United States.

Facebook/Jeff Stern

One user wrote,

These are manufactured in Danville. Thats why you saw them in VA. They were being delivered.”

Another online user said,

Oh no a manufacturing plant, oh no!”

One person said,

Or, they are being prepared to use against Americans.”

TheBlaze reached out to the United Nations for a comment but has not yet recieved word back from them.

Facebook/Jeff Stern

These new vehicles could very well be used against the United States or as a told of globalized warfare. Even if that isn’t true why is America burdened with producing the United Nations’s vehicles. Just another example of how America is taken advantage of by our allies in the 21st century where we have to carry the financial burden of most partnerships, created by Democrat’s no less.

Most likley President Obama knows this. Instead of avoiding an internal war he would simply allow it to play out in order to play the hero. There is always something shady going on and we must all beware. Especially when it comes to progressives.


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