Military Veteran Breaks Down Why Officers HAD To Shoot Alton Sterling – DESTROYS BLACK LIVES THUGS


A United States military officer posted on social media an epic video rant about why the police officers had to shoot Alton Sterling. According to him, the officers had already used less than lethal ways to subdue him but to no avail. Finally, the straw that broke the camels back was when Sterling threatened a passerby.

The officer goes on to talk about how ridiculous it is for everyone to say that Sterling’s gun was in his pocket and since his hands were simply falling around his sides he wasn’t dangerous. The officer goes on to show one of his small backup guns which he demonstrates fits perfectly well in his pocket. He clearly acts out how one can point a small firearm at a person from inside their pocket.

The trigger can be pulled from outside the pocket simply by grabbing on to the pants cloths. All you have to do is touch the trigger.

For all of you saying his hands weren’t perfectly extended with the gun, you don’t know a DAM* thing about guns!”

As he articulates our ancestors died, too many people have died for you to be stupid to not understand this, so don’t be stupid. Because it does take a special kind of stupid to not understand something so simple.

Unfortunately, all the stupid people come out of the woodwork with their do-gooder, bleeding heart compassion when tragedy strikes. While that’s always good to hear and have you shouldn’t place compassion over intelligence. Do your research, know the law, use some common sense. Don’t expose everyone to your ignorance by spewing untruths and hatred and bigotry against law enforcement officials who sacrifice their lives every day to protect yours.

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