Millennial Trump Supporter Tricks Elizabeth Warren Into Taking A Selfie, Drops A TRUTH Bomb On Her

One of the greatest progressive liberals of our time is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is notably good friends with Senator Bernie Sanders. However, she is most known for her blatant lie about having Native American ancestry. Which she used in order to gain scholarships and wrote down in numerous collegiate and professional books to take advantage of minority support groups. Conservatives will never let her live it down and justifiably so.

A college student confronted her at an event where he took a video of her and when he confronted her about lying about her ethnicity she literally ran away. Like a kid who got their hand caught in the cookie jar. Watch here,

They were both at an event at Ohio State University where Warren was campaigning wits Democratic Senate candidate Ted Strickland for Hillary Clinton. They called for people to vote for Hillary Clinton and partake in voting on the state level but to also build a Senate dominated by Democrats. The young student confronted Warren about losing big to Donald Trump to which she retorted they weren’t. But that was not enough for the young man. When Warren insisted they were going to beat Trump the student yelled to her that she lied about her ethnicity to get a scholarship.

You could see the smoke behind her she ran away so fast. As the saying goes, if you want to upset a conservative them lie to the, but if you want to hurt a liberal then tell them the truth.

Donald Trump got flack in the press for calling her out on the same thing too. He referenced her when he called her Pochahontas. An obvious sarcastic jab at her previous deception about her ethnicity. But you reap what you sew and what goes around comes around. The best part is they aren’t lying, they’re telling the truth. Warren lied and she can run but she certainly cannot hide from that.

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