As Milwaukee Burned Last Night, Official Justifies Riots As ‘A Warning Cry’ – Meet Black People’s Demands, Or Else

African American protesters burned the city of Milwaukee yesterday while an elected official aired their grievances about the actions of racial riots. Riots broke out after a 23 year old black suspect was shot dead by police. He had a long criminal history and was in possession of a 23 round ammunition handgun that was stolen.

These race baiting rioters seized this tragedy as an opportunity to riot and loot local businesses. While doing so they chanted “black power.” City officials called an immediate emergency conference to calm the rioting. Alderman Khalid Rainey all but condoned the violence going on, though.

Rainey said,

Milwaukee is the absolute worst place in America for African-Americans to live in the entire country. Black people are tired of living under this oppression. Nobody can deny that there are racial problems here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that have to be rectified.”

“This is the warning cry. Where do we go from here? Where do we go as a community from here? Do we continue with the inequity, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education that creates these byproducts that we see this evening? Do we continue that?”

He went on to demand that African-American people need their grievances be rectified immediately.

Because if you don’t, this vision of downtown, all of that. You one day away. You one day away (from it happening again).”

It is hard enough for these communities, by enabling this violent and irresponsible behavior is unacceptable and only continues to cause more and more problems. Violence begets more violence and the actions of members of the African American community seek to only continue to increase the racial divide in our country.

However, regardless of any variable this anti-cop rhetoric and vitriol that leads to dangerous streets for cops to work on is unacceptable and should beget a zero tolerance policy.

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