EPIC: Milwaukee Police Chief Gives 4 Golden Rules For Not Getting Shot— Liberals Cry Racism

Liberals and Black Lives Matter activists love the chance to cry police brutality and now a Milwaukee police chiefs advice has been completely blown out of context and referred to as racism. But then again the left doesn’t need much to cry racism, all they need to see you do is blow your nose the wrong way to do that.

In a YouTube video Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn can be seen giving advice, the four best ways not to get shot. Considering all the deaths due to gun violence it seems like a rather magnanimous gesture for him.

At a ceasefire meeting he bluntly told attendees and reporters the best way not to get shot was…

  1. Don’t be part of a crime gang or crew
  2. Don’t be a drug dealer
  3. Don’t illegally carry a gun
  4. If you’re in an argument with a stranger, ask them how often they’ve been arrested. If they’ve been arrested more often than you’ve been arrested, concede the point

He police chief told ABC 12 that the large majority of gun shot victims were people involved in criminal gang activity. The Milwaukee Police Association and numerous other organizations criticized and condemned the police chief for his comments calling them racist.

His comments came after the death of an African-American man. He was accused of not taking the officer involved shooting seriously. Just like in Ferguson and Baltimore people were quick to point at the incident as systemic racism. At a meeting on the issue protestors   disrupted the group and shouted anti-police phrases at police officers.

The police chief was mocked for using his cell phone during the meeting and labeled as uncaring. Despite the fact he was being notified a 5-year-old had been murdered in a drive by shooting.

Disrespect of law enforcement has become an unfortunate yet natural part of our society. Yet it’s the same people who criticize, protest, and castigate the police chief for his behavior that are the first ones to call the same police department when they need police. It’s quite a double standard they have going on.

The Obama administration has encouraged this disorderly, disrespectful behavior towards law enforcement that has led to a plethora of officer involved shootings that left law enforcement officials dead.

In the minds of these crazy ambulance chasing activists when you disagree with someone, when all else fails call them racist!

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