Milwaukee Rocked by Horrific Assault, Thug Yelled “God’s wrath is on white America.”


A Milwaukee woman was left with severe injuries and covered in blood when she was attacked on December 21st. Police arrested Derrick Brown, 32, who has a long history of violence. Based on a courtroom outburst, the attack was motivated purely by racial hatred.

The victim wants to remain anonymous, but posted a picture of her injuries on social media. She used the caption “guess who didn’t get raped.”


The media is only just now reporting the attack, because the suspect was in court yesterday

When he appeared in court he screamed “God’s wrath is on white America.”

This was the second courtroom outburst like this we have seen in two days. A black male, being sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two white males, went on a racial tirade in a Detroit courtroom.

—Courtesy of Top Conservative News

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