Milwaukee School District Is Spending A Half-Million Dollars On Black Lives Matter

Many people noticed a line in the Milwaukee School District budget dedicating nearly a half-million dollars to Black Lives Matter. Understandably, this has caused some concern that a public school district is dropping that kind of money on a racist/terrorist organization that calls for the murders of white people and police officers. To quell any controversy, district officials have tried to explain the expenditure isn’t going to BLM, but rather to develop a BLM curriculum. Yeah, like that’s any better.

Fox News reports:

Although the budget draft lists the controversial activist group, whose members have called for attacks on police officers, as the recipient of the funds, school officials said much of the money would go to hiring and training three social studies teachers.

“No funding is going to any Black Lives Matter organization. The specific expenditures, which are also outlined in the budget proposal, are for three social studies teachers and staff development for other employees,” said Tony Tagliavia, a spokesman for Milwaukee Public Schools.

Specifically, the funding breaks down like this: Of the $471,073 Black Lives Matter money, $260,889 pays the salary and benefits for 3 Black Lives Matter-friendly social studies teachers and $210,184 goes to train staff in the ways of BLM. In case you don’t feel like doing the math, teaching BLM to kids is worth $86,963 a year in salary and benefits for each of these lucky social studies teachers.

The funding would also pay for a “cultural studies curriculum” which aims to “[ensure] that culturally responsive teaching practices are in place at all schools, enhancing the district vision for student participation in a wide range of after-school activities…”

When asked what role Black Lives Matter would play in the training and curriculum development, school officials said they are only partnering with people who “espouse the values” of the Black Lives Matter.

In other words: yes BLM members are receiving money from the school district. They are being paid to help the school develop its program and they are being hired to teach it. Also, what the hell are the “values” of BLM? Cop killing? Anti-white racism? Socialism? Segregation? I guess those are values, but not the kind people normally celebrate.

I did some additional research and this thing is actually worse than it sounds. According to WJDT, Jeffery Roman, the architect of this bullshit program, says it’s not Black Lives Matter related, but rather a part of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. If you don’t know that that is, My Brother’s Keeper is president Obama’s sexist/racist initiative to help black men and boys not be giant pieces of shit and drains on society.

The thing about My Brother’s Keeper is, it is supposed to be completely privately funded. If what Roman says is true, Milwaukee is using nearly a half a million dollars of public money to fund Obama’s “private” initiative.

Any way you look at this, it is a terrible waste of taxpayer’s money. Liberal ding-dongs and black activists constantly complain that black kids do not get a good education in this country. Maybe wasting money like this is partly to blame. How does teaching black students to hate the white man help them get into college and find a good job?

Via DT

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