Minnesota Man Sticks It To Muslims For 8 MONTHS With What He Put On Truck..THIS IS EPIC!

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In a state that’s riddled with entitled Muslims trying to take over, a Minnesota man is fighting back in his own awesome way. For eight months he’s been driving around with something on the back of his truck that proves he’s not afraid of Islam.

The driver, who was not named, somehow managed to get through Minnesota Department of Public Safety with a message added to his man-mobile that they are now trying their hardest to revoke, after some whiney Muslims complained. The creative driver slid under the radar for close to a year, until a high school student snapped a picture and blasted him online for it.

Clearly not concerned with political correctness, the man’s license plate reads “F MUSLMS,” a message that the department of public service insists is prohibited. They blame human error for the fact that he was allowed this “offensive and distasteful” official plate, and they vow to remedy this issue and their personalized plate approval process.

Minnesota Man Sticks It To Muslims For MONTHS With What He Put On Truck

The state’s liberal governor, Mark Dayton, who has a lot of love for incoming Middle Eastern refugees, is not remotely happy that this truck has been lurking around his state for so long. “I am appalled that this license plate was issued by the State of Minnesota,” Dayton said, according to KMSP. “It is offensive, and the person who requested it should be ashamed. That prejudice has no place in Minnesota.”

Back in November, Dayton stuck it to his own citizens, who contested the plan of bringing in droves of Muslim refugees from Somali. He declared that anyone who doesn’t like it can leave, disregarding that they are legal and there first. His announcement showed that he would replace his state’s population with incoming Muslims. With that twisted mentality, it’s no wonder that the public safety is working so fast to cover their backs for accidentally allowing anyone to offend this group of people.

It always seems to be an acceptable and appropriate use of free speech when Muslims say disgraceful things to and about Americans, but the reverse is considered hate speech and sometimes even a crime. While liberals are defending the feelings of Muslims, those same people are laughing in our faces.

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